Bonjour, my name is Cadeau. That means gift in French. Really I am not the gift - HSKP is the gift to me and my Mama. We were sharing our food and there was barely enough for her and for me. But HSKP brought food, and took me to the vet when I was ill. I like to eat things like zippers! Yes yes I know I should not. But HSKP saved me, and I am healthy now. Mama has been in the hospital several times this year so HSKP made sure I had a good place to stay. Thank you HSKP! Of course they will not speak French like me!! Au Revoir.


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We assist seniors who cannot afford veterinary care, food, grooming. and boarding when a senior is suddenly hospitalized. Our goal is to keep the pets at home with their seniors.

Thank You to Coppell High School! You did a Great job on the KCBY segment on

Helping Seniors Keep Pets safe 


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One way to secure our pet is to find a reliable invisible fence dealers.

Hi my name is Katie Ann. I have diabetes and I guess you can see that giant growth on my chest. But HSKP helped me see the doctor and get my blood sugar under control and brought me really healthy food. I love HSKP! 

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Volunteers needed to assist with food delivery, pet transportation, phone calls, and more.  We especially need help Monday - Friday 7am - 6pm.  For general volunteer opportunities email:



If you would like to join our group as a volunteer please complete the contact form on the "Make a Difference" page and we will be in touch within 24 hours.


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